Februar 23, 2021

Mache einen Unterschied!

Aus meinem LinkedIn-Profil (externer Link mit Video):

Disruptive decisions require a clear view of myself, a self-confident commitment to myself and a firm look ahead.

For the times have probably never been so favourable for incisive, spectacular decisions.and to use the experiences of the past months to begin great things.

We have made such a decision, rethought our mobility requirements and ordered our first all-electric car. Our usage for this car makes it seem unimportant what excactly the maximum range.

We decided on a leasing contract as I am convinced that the development of electric cars will accelerate massively. Technological leaps will lead us to rethink our own situation in the next 10 years, not only for environmental reasons but because of completely new mobility possibilities.

And from my own experience, I am relaxed about the coming tasks in the increasingly complex test requirements for batteries, electric powertrains and loading infrastructure. Our Network at NI (National Instruments) already discusses how to implement the flexibility and scalability of the future in testing and validation (http://bit.ly/NI-EV-Test) and venturing a bold outlook into the mobility of the future (http://bit.ly/Next-23-100)

What was your last big disruptive moment?

The time couldn’t be better.

Let’s go for it!

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